Today's workout was an early trip to the gym before the rest of the family woke up. I typically leave Saturday as a rest day, but wasn't able to get to the gym yesterday, so decided to just to what I had planned to do then, today.

All I did today was a 5x5 lifting routine. I'm still rebuilding my base, so the numbers aren't very impressive. I also like to run a mile or two after lifting to get some extra cardiovascular training in on days I lift, but I wasn't feeling it this morning. Mostly, my stomach was feeling upset, I think because I had a light dinner last night and didn't eat before lifting. I'm thinking I may need to start taking in a small, pre-workout snack before the gym in the morning so I can push through my lifting routine and still get a couple of miles in.

Today's exercises:

Squat: 5x5 @ 100lb
Bench: 5x5 @ 80lb
Barbell Row: 5x5 @ 85lb